Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 2...already!

Week 1 of the last class in my undergraduate career is over...3 weeks to go!!! Coming off of the Capstone Project I am feeling much less stress but am amazed at how much I am learning...things I wish I would have known prior to the Capstone!!! I am extremely excited to start researching my paper topic this weekend. I have studied nothing but history for the last two years and find it refreshing to be working on a current topic. The travel industry, cruises specifically, resuming normal schedules in Haiti when the area is still recovering from the recent earthquake is a very controversial topic. Other than what I have read in the news I haven't had a chance to dig much deeper into the topic.

The assignment we completed last night on Orwell was fascinating. I have spent the last 2 years of my college life trying to sound educated in my writing only to find out that, according to Orwell, what I have been striving for is actually a continuation of the destruction of the English language!!! Go figure!!

Another thing I am trying to get used to with this class is the number of students. Professor had mentioned there were 28 of us in the class. I don't think I've had this many people in a class since before NU!! The last few classes had around Capstone, I believe had 10-12! I guess that's what happens as the classes get more specialized. Not everyone is required to take the higher level history classes but everyone needs to complete English 240!!! I still wish I would have taken this class earlier....I probably could have eliminated a lot of frustration with my first few papers!!!

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  1. It must be so exciting to be just about done with school! I am scheduled for my Capstone in June and I am nervous about it - especially since I am more than a year away from finishing the rest of my classes. Good luck on the paper and in this class.