Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 1 Writing Assessment

I chose History for my degree program with National University. I had always been interested in history, and found it the most interesting subject in school, but had never pursued the interest further than high school required classes. I attended a junior college for two years after high school, but as so many do, I gave up school to work full time and start a family. Even after being out of school for over ten years I never seriously gave continuing my education much thought. I had a relatively secure and successful career and was content with the way things were going.

After my second child was born I spent some time volunteering in my first child’s classroom while on maternity leave. It was at this time I realized that business was not where I wanted to spend my career. Assisting the children with their work and seeing how different children learned in different ways captivated me. I always enjoyed school and academics came relatively easy but until this time I had never really imagined myself as a teacher. After spending those weeks helping teach my son’s classmates I realized I needed to be in a classroom. After a meeting with a National academic advisor I decided to take the plunge and revisit my interest in history by entering the history program on the way to National’s teaching program. History seemed like the perfect choice as it was my favorite subject in school and an important subject for a future teacher to master.

Now, I find myself beginning the last class needed to earn my degree in History. It has been just over two years since I returned to school and though it has been hard to balance school, work, and family, it has been well worth it. I have earned a degree that will help me achieve my goals of becoming a teacher and have also, hopefully, instilled the value of education to my children who have watched me do homework at all times of the day and night while at the same time getting them to soccer, cooking them dinner, and helping with their own homework. A degree in history is the first step to reaching my goal of becoming a teacher and helping educate the children of my community.

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  1. Danyelle, congratulations on returning to school! This was a very well written submission, and it bodes well for future assignments. Good luck.